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Veteran Homes Advantage: Comprehensive Real Estate Services For Veterans

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Our Promise To Veterans

At Veteran Homes Advantage (VHA) we believe that the best way to honor those who have served us, our families, and our country is to provide the best, most comprehensive real estate service imaginable. You need a Real Estate agent who understands your needs and timelines, has value-added insight to your market and who will work tirelessly for you and your family. We promise your Veteran Homes Advantage Realtor will provide this.

In addition to this excellent, superb service, you can receive a rebate of up to $2,000.

At VHA we only work with expert VA Loan Officers who understand ALL aspects of the loan, who can get you the lowest available rate; with the least amount of fees, and show you all the ways to save money. If you choose to work with VHA approved lender Point Equity, we promise to answer all your questions thoroughly and timely and to explain all of your options.

Use the calculator below to see how much money you can get back by using Veteran Homes Advantage.

Disclaimer: Calculator based off of 3% (buying or selling commission). Actual credit will be determined by listing commission percentage.

$10000 $100000
1 years10 years
Your repayments are every years at
Total you will Pay:

There is a rebate of up to $2,000 available to you, the Veteran. Additionally, we make a donation in your name to a local non-profit benefiting Veterans.

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Our Offer To You

Justin Coupe and Point Equity Residential Lending are proud to be the preferred lending Partner of Veterans Home Advantage. Justin believes honesty is the only policy, and wants to be clear that he himself, is not a Veteran. Justin is the proud son of a Purple Heart Vietnam Helicopter Pilot and has spent the past 8 years becoming a VA home Loan expert. Justin believes the VA home loan is a wonderful, powerful tool that can change lives when used properly, and devastate finances when used improperly. Justin wants to help ensure you use it for good.

As part of working with Jon Patrick and VHA, Point Equity will include a lender credit equal to 0.2% of your loan. This means on a loan of $200,000 will equate to a lender credit of $400 on your purchase or refinance.

If a Veteran desires or needs more credit to cover costs we are happy to work with them, and explain possible ways all of their closing costs can be covered.

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Veteran Homes Advantage works with all lenders and the real estate rebate offer is in no way tied to the buyer/seller obtaining a mortgage through Point Equity Residential Lending. NMLS#1404205 | CADRE#01710235 | CADRE#01987090